Cure in Place Pipe (CIPP) is the technology that prevents the ground dig ups, lessen the traffic disruptions and make you sewer pipe as good as new. CIPP is considered as most economical method of sewer pipe rehabilitation compared to open cut, dig and install new pipe.

When condition of the sewer pipe (sanitary and storm sewer) is bad, it need to be rehabilitated, our crew of experienced rehabilitants can reline the full length of the pipe using our Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) full reline method.


Our engineering department assess the condition of the pipe based on the CCTV reports of the sewer lines provided by the client.

After assessing the pipe conditions, the liner thickness is designed accordingly.

We televise the lines before relining

The line is being prepped for relining by removing/cutting roots, encrustation, grease, protruding services etc.

The final liner design will be submitted to customer for approval.

Jointless felt liner saturated with a high strength resin is inserted into the full length of line (from manhole to manhole).

After the liner is in place then it is steam cured.

As a result of steam curing it forms a brand-new pipe layer inside the existing pipe.

When liner has fully cured and cooled, excessive liner at the start and finish points are cut flush with the pipe interfaces in the manholes

The service connections are reinstated via robotic cutting equipment

A post rehabilitation inspection is performed and submitted the reports to customer.